Vision Farm Trip (Genting Highlands)

Yesterday, EcoGreen made a trip to a farm of one of our main suppliers, Vision Farm.

Vision Farm (萬農果菜園 ) is run by Mr Ho and his family. They have organic farms throughout the peninsular, namely in Genting, Camerons and Johor. Vision Farm has been producing high quality and authentic organic vegetables for 12 years, and are considered one of the pioneers in organic farming in Malaysia.

A large part of the farm is sheltered to prevent excessive rains.

We visited the Genting farm, which was situated just before Gohtong Jaya about 30 minutes drive from our shop in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL.

The farm accessible only by a small road off the descending highway. We had to park our cars and walk about 1km to the farm as the rocky and slippery road (wet season) were not accessible to non-4wd vehicles.

Ms Ho of Vision Farm answering the visitors' questions

Seedlings emerging from the wet soil

Workers harvesting Kangkung

Recent change in weather patterns has caused unpredictably heavy rainfall, which have washed away many seedlings, causing shortages in the vegetables supply from their farm.

Multi Cropping

Rotation cropping is a method used in organic farming. It involves growing different types of crops alongside each other. This is to control pest attacks and to promote biodiversity of the farm.

Compost Heap

Unfortunately for us the compost heap had already been packaged when we arrived at the farm. Thus, we couldn't see the the compost. Raw materials were already in place to be composted in the new heap.

Organic Vegetables! - Kangkung and Choy Sum side by side, ready to be harvested

Intercropping - A bean plant with floccoli /span>

Rows of Lettuce

Indian Lettuce - Detox & Healing Properties

Comfrey Plant - A beneficial fertilizer in Organic Farming

Tian Qi fruit

Sherene with Mrs Ho

Mrs Ho prepared a simple vegetarian organic lunch for the visitors.

A visit to Vision Farm Genting is ideal for those looking for a short day trip with the family to learn more about organic farming. Please contact us if you are interested.

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